8 Things to Know By 8AM | Vol. 3

unnamedIt may officially be March, but February just doesn’t want to quit. -We’re currently getting another six inches of snow… UGH, I’M OVER IT. Gloomy days make it really hard for me to be cheery, but this Lilly quote reminded me to take full-advantage of the fresh start that this new month brings. It’s comforting knowing change (and warmer weather) is on the horizon.

1. How gorgeous is this DIY?! I’m obsessed.

2. I’ve missed out on these sandals the past two summers. I won’t let it happen again.

3. ..And while I’m at it, might as well #AddToCart

4. Jam of the week.

5. I love my Day Designer. Try it out for free!

6. If you’re in your 20’s, you NEED to read this. #helpmeimpoor

7. “When will I use this in real life?”

8. How can you not love LOVE?

These links not enough to keep you busy? Check out The Skimm and Quora Digest for a great morning read.

 Have a great week!



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