Mind Your Manners| The Nail Salon

Winter came fashionably late this year, but now that it’s here… it’s showing no mercy. The roads are icy and temperatures are bone-chilling. I can’t get myself to go outside to take outfit posts for my blog (not like I’ve deviated much from Bean Boots and Patagonia fleeces anyway…), but I still want to keep up with posting content on yourcheriamour…

I’m no Emily Post…but I thought it’d be fun to start a series touching on my idea of the proper etiquette within certain situations and places.

I grew up in a split-culture household (I’m 1/2 Thai and 1/2 white, FYI.) I remember several instances where my mom and I would argue over what was socially correct. I conformed to American culture, whereas she was still deep in her roots when it came down to everyday decorum. Now that I understand how customs and traditions vary across cultures, I’ve become fascinated by it.


On the other hand, I’m also a very high self-monitor and would be mortified if I came off as rude or unpleasant to others.


I’m launching my Mind Your Manners series with the proper etiquette in nail salons… I’ve become a regular at my salon (IDK how I live before gel manis were invented) and have noticed things that people do that really irk me. Here are some social rules to keep in mind the next time you treat yourself to a mani/pedi.


  1. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR NAIL TECHNICIAN GIVING YOU A PEDICURE. I’ve seen so many snapchats and tweets of ladies doing this and I find it so incredibly rude and distasteful. It’s such a degrading photo to take of someone (let alone the captions that go along with it.) I really believe that NOBODY should be put down for however it is that they earn their living and provide for their family.
  2. I hate bad tippers. I worked for tips at my jobs throughout high school and college and I know how crappy it is when you get stuck with the cheapskate who doesn’t understand the concept of tipping. Getting your nails done is a service and they expect to be tipped. I can’t imagine their hourly wage is very high…so keep in mind that this is someone’s living while this is your luxury. I personally tip 20% and sometimes will give up to 30% if they did a good job. (Or I just won’t make it a big deal to get a dollar back in change if that’s what the price amounts to. -Pedicures at my salon are $20, I give them $25.) I’ve seen people leave a buck or two after getting a bunch of services and it makes me want to scream.
  3. I’m sure some of you are reading this are thinking that maybe the nail tech did a bad job and they don’t deserve a tip. I’ve definitely had my fair share of horror stories. To avoid this- speak up throughout your appointment if you don’t like how things are going. Don’t wait to complain about the shape of how your nails were filed as your top coat is drying…. I’ve seen people come in to get their nails REPAINTED because they didn’t like how the finish of the polish was and didn’t expect to pay for it. BLEW MY MIND.
  4. If you do come back for a touch up for whatever the reason and the salon doesn’t charge you to fix it, tip them for their time and effort.
  5. Refrain from phone use & mind your conversations. Most of us are there to relax, pamper, and escape reality. I really don’t want to listen to you talk on the phone unless it’s an emergency. Also, going to the salon with girlfriends is a great time to catch up… But be mindful of the stories you’re telling. Talking about getting trashed last weekend, finally hooking up with that guy you’re taking to, or talking sh*t about that other friend of yours that isn’t there is being noticed. And yes, I’m totally judging you.
  6. Make appointments. Be on time for appointments. If you go as a walk-in and there’s a wait, don’t throw a hissy fit.
  7. I really do love kids, but leave them home.

Did I miss any?! Leave them below in a comment.



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