Spring Fever

I normally don’t complain about Mondays (because I’m usually over-ambitious at the beginning of the week and convince myself that this will be the week I get back into the swing of things), but this Monday morning was arguably the worst ever.


Mother Nature paid Connecticut another visit and dumped nearly a foot of snow and ice on us… The weathermen really under-hyped this storm, like it was the complete opposite of what happened last week with “Juno”. My company only scheduled a delayed opening, so by 7AM I was outside trying to shovel my car out in order to make it to work by 10… there was no way my little Beta was making it out of the driveway, let alone through a 40-minute commute in a blizzard, so I decided to take the train and spare myself any near-death experiences. My brother drove me to the station, I hopped on Metro North, and 15 minutes later my boss texted us saying we would be working from home today…. I got off at the next stop only to find out that the train back home was coming.. in forty minutes… so there I was… stranded…. in the cold. Oh and then my train got delayed another 15 minutes. It was terrible. I think I’m still thawing out.

OH AND…. if you haven’t heard…Phil, like the official groundhog of Groundhog’s Day, saw his shadow today. Sooo cheers to at least 6 more weeks of this. Someone tell Phil that he is officially at the top of my sh*t list.

On the bright side, I was really productive during this work-from-home day, in the sense that I watched four episodes of Gilmore Girls and ordered three new pairs of shoes (oops..).

I’ve been stuck in a shopping rut where I don’t want to spend anymore $ on sweaters because I’m SNOW-ver winter, but I also don’t want to buy any new spring things because seeing them in my closet would only add to my winter blues.

I spent the day dreaming of warmer temperatures and crushing on all the new arrivals from all my favorite stores. Here’s what’s on my radar for Spring:


1. J. Crew Denim Vest | 2. Kendra Scott Ring | 3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery Tote

4. Bauble Bar Courtney Bib | 5. Tory Burch Thora Sandals | 6. Replica Beach Perfume

7. Everything from Sail to Sable



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