Travel Recap| Orlando (01/16-01/23)

 One of my New Year’s Resolutions (read them all, here) was to start documenting my life more. I love reminiscing. I always seem the be the one saying”Remember when…” and initiating the walk down memory lane. Facebook isn’t cool anymore, nor do I ever want to become one of those people who post about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that, frankly, nobody cares about… So I thought my blog would  be the perfect place for me to do travel recaps (for trips both business and pleasure)… so that I (and anyone else who’s interested) can look back on it!
I recently started working for a company in the events industry and travel is a big part of the job (hellllo frequent flier miles). Only nine days into the job and my team and I were already off on our first trip to Orlando, Florida for our first show.

Traveling always makes my mind wander. Find out how I was feeling in this post.
IMG_7647This king sized bed was definitely the peak of my week.
IMG_7644The view from my room! *Heart eyes*
IMG_7646We were technically “on-call” as soon as our flight landed in MCO, but our boss told us we probably wouldn’t be needed and to take full-advantage of our only “free” day. Naturally (before unpacking), we all headed straight to the poolside bar (rules of traveling: start your trip off right by getting the most tropical cocktail, ASAP) and spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sun. Note: it was barely over 60 degrees and the Hilton staff were all dressed in pants and long-sleeved shirts… As I was soaking up the rays (UV Index of probably, like, 4), I saw a girl with KKG letters walk by. She was so sweet and Instagrammed this picture of us! Even though I’m Kappa Kappa Graduated… I still LOVE meeting sisters. The things I’d do to be a Freshman again…*sigh*
IMG_7641That night we all went to Downtown Orlando and went to a sports bar called Harry Buffalo. We all got a kick out of our server’s name…
IMG_7661Reality set in when we had to be up at the crack of dawn for training the next day. One of the days I got up at 5AM after being out ’til midnight the night before! (That was my pit of the week. I’m a girl that NEEDS her beauty sleep. A little extra under-eye concealer was definitely necessary that day.) The Cadets all sent selfies in our group chat to make sure we were awake and ready to go! #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS
IMG_7648We had about a mile walk to-and-from work. It was one of my favorite parts of the day because it was the only time we were outside. It’s rare that I’m awake to see the sunrise. I thought this was such a pretty view!
IMG_7650For lunch that day a few of us ventured out to Chick-Fil-A and ate it by this pond outside of the convention center. If you go down South and don’t stop at Chick-Fil-A, you’re doing it wrong…
imageThe Cadets (my work team) on the first day of the show! Don’t mind my heinous clogs. imageWe luv our red vests…
IMG_7652IMG_7654IMG_7640We accidentally went to a Drag Show one night for dinner… That’s normal, right?
IMG_7568I consider myself somewhat of a foodie. Orlando is not the place for foodies. Too many chain restaurants. Too many burgers. Too many fries (I didn’t even know that was possible). I WAS CRAVING SCALLOPS. We went to Spencer’s, a nice restaurant in our hotel,  specifically because they had scallops on the menu. And then I ordered the duck instead…Regardless, it was SO NICE to not eat bar food. & How funny is it that all of us were sporting some kind of print? We didn’t even plan it! 
IMG_7635At work, we would end up walking an average of 10 miles a day. On our last night, our feet were THROBBING (I  had *not exaggerating* 4 blisters on my feet). We could not fathom walking back to the hotel… So we took a peddy cab!
The PGA Merchandise Show was amazing! My fav part was seeing the new apparel for brands like: vineyard vines, Peter Millar, Bobby Jones, Brooks Brothers, Sail to Sable, and Gretchen Scott. I’m also guilty of stalking Bubba & Jordan Speith around the show floor! Shh.
IMG_7656I’m a sucker for punny marketing.
IMG_7659By the time the show ended, I was exhausted. But I still felt depressed at the thought of leaving. It was partially because I was headed home to below freezing temperatures and SNOW in the forecast (Our fight actually got cancelled right as we got to the airport and I was beaming inside at the thought of staying an extra day or two.. unfortunately we were able to get on an earlier flight home to NY).  The whole week was an incredible experience. I had so much fun getting to know my co-workers and men in golf attire is the ultimate eye candy learned so much about the business that I’m in.

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