I’m on my way.

(This was written on 01/16, but my work trip had actually no downtime.. So I’m posting this now!)


From a literal stance, I’m currently traveling 515 mph over Charleston, SC on my way to Orlando for business… But this crowded airplane and soaring above the clouds has lead my mind to wander on about my journey.

I started my first full time job a little more than a week ago. It’s definitely been an adjustment. I’m getting used to the stop and go traffic I find myself in Mon.-Fri., waking up before the sun, and the art of keeping an empty inbox… I still haven’t mastered incorporating a work out into my daily routine, but we’ll get there.

I’m so grateful for this experience I’ve been given. Of course, if I had the option I wouldn’t work at all, but it’s not a bad gig that I’ve picked up. I work alongside nine other ‘cadets’ who more or less are in the same boat as me. Most are fresh out of college and just adjusting to the ‘Real World.’ This is our first trip together with the company and I’m excited to get to know them more.

Our training program reminds me a lot of pledging my sorority. We’re learning the ins and outs of the company and are constantly being judged to see if we meet up to our standards. The older sisters warned would constantly warn pledge class to “make the most out of this time” and that “you’ll wish you could relive what you’re going through now later on.” I didn’t seem to take their words to heart, the semester seemed like an eternity. Then once I was their age, I understood…. It’s easy to get wrapped up into wanting more money, a bigger title, and just getting to that next step, whatever that may be.. But this time around I want to cherish the steps it takes to getting there.

I’m on my way… But I’m enjoying the ride (and my vodka OJ).



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