2k15. | Resolutions & Reflections

ab57ced11d3f18c59ef6a2b0ef678a0fHAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though I think the hype that surrounds NYE festivities is completely overrated (unless you’re celebrating in Dubai because that was the most impressive Snap Story I’ve ever seen), I hope you all rang in the new year with someone you love. They say how you ring in the New Year is how you’ll spend the rest of it… I went out to a prix fixe 6-course meal and wine pairing with Brian. So I guess for me, 2015 will be filled with good eats, wine, and my babe.

tumblr_mynecbq0Hx1ril202o1_1280I’ve been trying to enjoy the few lazy days I have left before I officially start my first full-time job, but this time of year always gets me feeling a little anxious.
tumblr_nhggjyKPO21qgzw67o1_1280As everyone in the bar was counting down to midnight, I felt a mix of emotions. Memories made in the year we were leaving behind flashed in my head. “How is it already over?” I thought. How was the Y2K problem 15 years ago?  It really makes you think… time is precious, but it is fleeting.
3345A lot of people don’t believe in making resolutions (or I guess the new thing is “Goals”), but I think it’s important to think about what you want to get out of this year of your life. 2015 has the potential to be a BIG year for me and I’m so excited. I will make the most of it.

tumblr_nhhjpnDBSM1qm4x00o1_400So, here’s my list of resolutions/ goals!

1. Move out. -This is 100% my biggest priority. I can’t wait for Brian and I to have our own place. I received a few kitchen goodies for Christmas so that we could start collecting things for when we move out (you know you’re old when you’re excited to get a cheese grater for Christmas). I love showing him pictures off of Pinterest of decor I like and seeing how he reacts. We’re on the same page, for the most part…
2. Save $. This goes hand in hand with moving out and is going to be really difficult for me and my shopping addiction. The next few months I plan on saving as much as I can to budget for security deposits, furniture, etc.
3. Get into a healthy routine. I sort of slipped up on going to the gym as frequently as I did a few months ago. I need to get myself into a steady routine and find a way to stay motivated to hit the gym… even after an hour long commute and 8 hour work day. I NEED to make it a habit early on, I’ll thank myself later.
4. Get into cooking! I’m in the midst of making my own “Recipe Binder” that I plan on adding recipes from family, friends, and Pinterest  to (I’ll post pictures when I’m finished with it!). I’ve never been much of a cook (I have no patience and don’t like following directions to a T), but feel like it’s time to learn. In 2014 I started to really appreciate all the effort that goes into planning dinner parties and I hope to be the ‘hostess with the mostess’ when my turn comes..
5. Be a better friend.  I only keep a handful of people by my side, but I really care for those ones a lot. I want to make more of an effort to show them that. Whether it just be spending more time with my brother, sending thank you cards, surprising someone, etc. I want to be more thoughtful and kind.
6. BOSS LADY. So, since I haven’t started my job I don’t know what exactly this entails… but I want to learn the ins and outs of the business and then get placed in one of my top 3 choices for teams within the company once the 6 months training program ends.
7. Be consistent on my blog. I’m obsessed with beauty, fashion, shopping, and social media. Blogging combines all these loves of mine. I always thought I would have a career that focused around one of these things, and since after I graduated I got into something completely different (medical sales)  and now I’ll be working in the Events industry, I want to spend my free time doing something I enjoy. Hopefully I can find time to post somewhat frequently after working, exercising, and spending time with friends/family.
8. Document my life more. I check my timehop everyday and I think it’s so cool to look back on what I did years ago. I want to take more pictures and write more things down so that I can reflect on it at the end of the year, and for years to come.
9. Contradicting with #2, but buy key wardrobe pieces. I want to continue buying quality, yet stylish pieces and investing in my wardrobe. I’m getting older and I want my clothes to reflect my sophistication. I don’t want to waste money on things I’ll never wear or get suckered into fads that don’t suit my body type.

Be more spontaneous.

Stop “Keeping up with the Joneses.”


Don’t be afraid to speak my mind.

Live in the moment.

Take chances.


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