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2015 is around the corner and I wanted to give you guys a heads up on my favorite planner. I’ve tried them all: Erin Condren, May Designs, Sugar Paper, even the infamous Lilly Pulitzer agenda and NOTHING compares to Whitney English’s Day Designer.

There are few things that I enjoy more than making lists and planning. At the beginning of each year, month, and week I take time to reflect on my goals and to-do’s. Making lists (for pretty much everything) keeps me on track / sane when life get’s a little hectic. This planner was designed for creative entrepreneurs, but it would be great for any busy bees who love staying organized. I wish I had found this in college to balance my: class, part-time work, campus representative positions, Women in Business, and Kappa schedules.

The Day Designer is sold through Whitney English’s Etsy shop. I was LUCKY to get my hands on the August 2014 edition. I am not exaggerating when I say these sell out within a day. The shop is opening on Monday, November 24th at 8AM. -They have limited quantities of the January 2015 edition, so set your alarm!


I believe there are a few different cover options, but I personally ADORE the classic look of the black and white stripes I had such a hard time deciding between the black and gold versions! I added a glittery 3″ monogram sticker to the front to spruce it up a bit more and I love it!

This book is pretty big in size (I still carry it with me wherever I go), but that just means it has space to write down everything!  A lot of people comment and say “Doesn’t your phone have a place for that?” .. but it’s just not the same!!

  • unnamed-2

Like most agendas, the Day Designer has Month & Year-At-A-Glance pages. I love how the monthly calendars have a space for your Monthly Goals and To-Do List. Each monthly tab also has space for you to jot down notes, too. The first few pages of the designer has “Find Your Core” worksheets that are used to reflect on your strengths, values, and dreams so that you can figure out the steps and resources you’ll use to achieve your short and long-term goals.

unnamed-1The best part of the agenda is it’s Daily Pages. Every other agenda I’ve used did not have nearly enough space as I needed. The Day Designer’s daily pages have an hour-by-our breakdown for your schedule and to-do list (FYI- Saturday and Sunday share a page, which is my only complaint). I used to carry around two separate agendas to get the same effect. And guess what… there’s still room for more planning…

  • Since I made the worst mistake of my life and graduated college in May, I use the “Due” box for “Do UR Exercise” and jot down my daily work-out.
  • The “Dollars” section is used to remind me of my monthly auto-payments (Loans, credit card). Side note- I linked my bank account and credit card to an app/website called “” that creates and updates my budgets. I really recommend it for anyone looking to become more fiscally responsible!
  • The “Download” section provides a space for you to de-clutter your brain before bed. You can write down anything that’s on your mind. Sometimes I write down a quote that catches my eye or  something special that happened that day. Each daily page has an inspirational quote at the top of the page, too.
  • I love the “Daily Gratitude” box. I write down something I’m thankful for each day. Positivity is key.

There’s even a Facebook group for all Day Designer’s to connect and share how they use their planner. A lot of people decorate with Washi tape.. but I’m just not that creative.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.



4 thoughts on “REVIEW| Day Designer

  1. Wow! I absolutely love planners. When I was in college I would use the huge Lilly Pulitzer ones littered with post-it notes (I used to color code my classes and use the post-its to organize papers, readings and exams throughout). Now that I’m older and have a different lifestyle (wah) I realized that my small Lilly planner needed an upgrade. Seeing as my current role is managing operations and making sure due dates are made, I am in SERIOUS need of an epic planner. I’ve tried using one on-line, but I just miss the real deal. I love this review, and I feel like it may be the one for me – I love the classic look, too! Definitely something I can carry everywhere with me.

    – Sarah 🙂

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